Dr Jerkill I Mister Hyde

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(1)1.What frightening sight did Mr Enfield see?
He saw a man that was jumping on the girl's body.

2.What was strange about the cheque for ninety pounds?
The name of the cheque is of another person.

3.In Mr Enfield's opinion, somebody lived in the building. Why did he think this?

4.What Description did Mr Enfield give of the man? He's small and he's got dark hair. He gives an impression of deformity.

(2)5.What is the connection between the man in Chapter 1 and Dr Jekyll's will?

6.Why did Mr Utterson begin to wach the building with the old door?
He decided to meet Mr hyde.

7.Where did Dr Jekyll live? He lived in a house, with her servant
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36.A man came to Dr Lanyon's house at midnight. Describe the man.
The man was small. His clothes are very strange. There was something strange and evil about him.

37.What happened when the man put some of the chemical in the glass?
When he put some of the chemical in the glass with the red liquid, the mixture changed colour and vapor came from the glass

38.What happened to the man after he drank the liquid in the glass?
The man screamed and almost fell. His face became black and began to change too.

(10)39.Why did Dr Jekyll begin to do chemical experiments?
Because he want to separate the good and the bad part of the body.

40.What emotional changes did Hyde feel after he drank the potion?
Hyde feel strange, younger, happier and free. He felt really evil.

41.Why was Hyde smaller, thinner and younger than Jekyll?
Because the evil part of the Mr Hyde's personality wasn't as strong.

42.Why was Dr Jekyll shocked one morning?
Because he saw that his hands were big and strong, and these hands weren't from himself, these hands were from the Mr Hyde's body.

43.Why was Dr Jekyll worried and what did he decide to do because of this?
Because his Hyde side was more stronger that the Jekyll side. He decided that he shoul stop changing from from Jekyll to Hide.

44.Was Dr Jekyll completely happy with his decision? Explain your answer.
Yes, because he knew that he didn't have any choice.

(11)45.What happened to Dr Jekyll when he was in the park

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