Dr jekyll and mr hyde versión inglés

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Chapter 1: THE DRINK

Dr Jekyll: very successful doctor. He lived in London: very nice house.
He was tall, thin and well-dressed. Short and dark hair, and thin moustache.

His butler: Poole

Jekyll’s laboratory was at the top of the house.
He usually worked there at night. The laboratory has shelves, tables with bottles with different colored liquids, old books and microscopes.

One night he wrote in his diary that he was not satisfied with his success. He was investigating the people character.

Poole brought him a tea but dropped a tray, Jekyll said he want to be alone.

Dr Jekyll drank a liquid in the glass, and began to cough. “What I have done”!
He could not stand up and he left the laboratoy through a secret door.
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They were drinking brandy at the library after dinner.
Utterson said that there were happening strange things and Dr Jekyll was involved on that things.
Dr Lanyon said about the experiments of Dr Jekyll.

When Dr Utterson left Dr Lanyon’s house that night, he went to Dr Jekyll’s house. Dr Utterson said to Jekyll that he was worried about Mr Hyde. Jekyll said that Hyde was an old friend.

Chapeter 5: A MURDER

Danvers Carew was a popular politician in 1885: middle-age man, friendly red face and thin white hair.
One night after the theatre he got lost looking for a carriage to take him home. He was at a not familiar and very dark street.

Carew saw a wild man with red and yellow eyes, and a dirty and hairy face. Carew asked where he can find a carriage, but the wild man answer rudely. And hit Carew with his walking stick up to died. The small and wild man ran away before the police arrived.

The other day at the newspapers: “Extra, extra, Danvers Carew murdered by a man named Hyde”.

Mr Utterson read the news: the police found Dr Jekyll’s stick near Carew, but he said the stick was give to Hyde as a gift.

Utterson recognized the picture of Hyde as the man he saw at the back of Jekyll’s house.

Utterson went to Jekyll’s house and asked him for Mr Hyde addressed to persuade him to confess the murder.

Whe Mr Utterson arrived Mr Hyde’s house at Soho, a small old woman answered the door and said Utterson

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