Dragon age

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Charming place. Before you do anything, head north and enter the shop. Pick the chest in the corner and loot the Antivan Boots for a gift for Zevran, yeilding a brief coversation. Then go south again and enter the villager House. There's not much in the way of loot here, but there is an alter that will trigger a brief scene with your party.

Once you're ready, leave the house. You'll have to fight your way up to the Chantry at the top of the hill. The first group consists of a few guards and citizens and are easy to blast down. The next fight is against one mage and three reavers. Make sure you kill the Reavers first for this fight. Up the hill a bit further and there's only a few reavers left. Kill 'em and enter the Chantry.
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Enter the cave system. You will be attacked by Dragonlings. Like the one in the Circle Tower they have no special attacks for standing behind them, unlike some, so feel free to nuke away. There's also some traps in here, so watch where you step.

Keep following the path to the auto-save. In the next fight you will have to go through Mages, Dragonlings and Reavers, and they should be taken down in that order to minimise incoming damage. The biggest danger, however, is getting your melee too split up from your mages and they get swarmed. Keep an eye on everyone and if needed, bring back your melee to thin the ranks a bit. Also in this room is a locked chest with good loot and the codex log The Frostback Mountains.

You know the drill by now: kill the mages, kill the dragons, kill the reavers. Point and laugh at their pathetic attempts to survive.

The road forks here, go left to continue, right doesn't lead anywhere but it's only one room and worth clearing if only for the experience points.

Finally, a break from Mages and Reavers! There are two Drakes here, they are pretty weak against frost spells so Cone of Cold, Frost Weapons and Winter's Grasp are all very handy.

In the pile of Dragon Filth there's a Stone Warrior Statuette that will boost your rep with Alistair.

Back to the room and down the left road we go. There's a mage further ahead, there's not a lot you can do but take the fireball that gets thrown

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