Economia y arquitectura

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Marlen (Ma) Josefina (J) León (L) Miguel (Mi) Alejandro (A)

Miguel y Alejandro se encuentran platicandoy llega Marlen con su mochila.

Ma: Hi Alejandro, Hi Miguel. How are you guys?
A: I’m fine, thanks.
Mi: I’m not so good. I have a terrible insomnia. I couldn’t sleep the last weekend.
Ma: Oh, that’s bad. Try some of this marihuana cigarrette. It’s very relaxing.
Mi: Do you believe?
Ma: Yes, I always use it.
Mi: Ok, Thank you.
A: What about you. How’s it going?
Ma: Pretty good. I’m very happy because I’m going to visit my friends. They live in Catemaco.
A: That sounds great!
Ma: By the way, have you seen to Josefina today?

Viene caminando Josefina con su mochila.

A: Oh, here she comes.
J: Hi everybody. Marlen,

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