Efemerides de sep. en inglés

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1.- Day of the Stateof the Nation Address
Opening ofthe first period of ordinary sessions of the Congress of the Union
2.- Death in Mexico City of the lawyerand politician Luis de la Rosa Oteiza, co-writer of the Treatyof Guadalupe-Hidalgo (1856)
3.- Birth in Campecheof the revolutionary lawyer Serapio Rendón (1867)
Birth in Veracruzof the historian and journalist José María Roa Bárcena, author of"Memories of the North American Invasion" (1827)
4.- Birth in Michoacán of the revolutionary General Francisco J. Múgica (1884)
5.- Therevolutionary General Rafael Buelna defeats the Huertistas troops in Nayarit(1913)
6.- Enactmentof the Reform Laws (1860)
7.- Death in Mexico City of themuralist painter José Clemente Orozco, buried in
…ver más…
21.- Death in Mexico City of thehistorian and journalist José María Roa Bárcena, author of"Memories of the North American Invasion" (1908)
In Celaya, Miguel Hidalgo yCostilla receives the rank of Captain General of the insurgent armies (1810)
22.- The National University of Mexico starts itsactivities (1910)
23.- The GeneralPorfirio Díaz defeats theinvading troops in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca (1866).
24.- Death in Sonora of the liberalGeneral Antonio Rosales, who participated in the Saint Peter Battle when hedefeated the French forces (1865)
25.- Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada includes the ReformLaws in the Constitution (1873)
26.- Mexico and Spain re-establish diplomaticrelations, broken by the

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