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2011 UN General Assembly’s General Debate
September 26
Thursday, September 27 2011

The UN General Assembly is currently having the General Debate of the 66th Session. General Debates are characterized by having very prominent figures (presidents, primer ministers, kings, etc.) as speakers.

Syrian Arab Republic
H.e. Mr. Walid Al-Moualem, Minister for Foreign Affairs
After the occupation of Iraq, Syria was taken to another battle that had to choose between enduring the harassment and isolation or subjected to attack and their subsequent dictatorship. Syrian minister Walid Al-Moualem, blamed the Western nations of trying to unleash chaos to destabilize his country. He claims that popular demands for the Syrians have been
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government offends the memory of the victims of September 11, when kept in prolonged and inhumane imprisonment of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters, unjustly convicted and sentenced to maximum severity. "

He called off the General Assembly to ensure the admission of Palestine as a UN member state. "The General Assembly has the unavoidable moral obligation to ensure political and legal recognition of an independent Palestinian state in pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital as a full member of the United Nations Organization."

H.e. Mr. Ali Ahmed Karti, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Ali Ahmed Karti, Foreign Minister of Sudan, said the Sudan had chosen peace and patience shown in the middle of obstacles to its application, accepting the outcome of the referendum in Southern Sudan for independence and welcoming the community of nations in Doha document for peace, giving priority to the resettlement of refugees.
He called on international organizations not to be deceived by some countries that refused to pay their dues, unilateral economic sanctions adopted by the United States were unjust measures against the people of Sudan, while the country was in a more open and was determined to play an active role as a member of the international family.

The crisis has increased poverty in developing countries, making social services decrease due to climate change has increased the problems

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