Ejemplo de proyecto de investigacion

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GET IT RIGHT pg. 64, 65

1. Complete the sentences with the passive form of the bold verbs. Use the tense in brackets.

1 TV (watch) by billions of people around the world. (present simple)

2 Little Britain (vote) the best TV comedy in the UK. (present perfect)

3 Most TV shows (not record) in front of a live audience. (present simple)

4 A new drama series for Channel 4 (film) this month. (present continuous)

5 ‘The TV’s broken!’ ‘Don’t be silly! It (not switch on) yet!’ (present perfect)

2. Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences.

1 The World Cup ______ on TV channels around the world.

A were shown B had been shown C was shown

…ver más…


5. Sake is made in Japan. ____

6. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. ____

7. She’s tired and ill. ____

8. The Harry Potter books have been translated into many different languages. ____

9. The town was destroyed by an earthquake. ____

10. The winning lottery number will be announced soon. ____

3. Read these sentences. Circle the Passive verb forms and match each example with a tense name from below. There are two examples of each tense.

Present Simple Passive Present Perfect Simple Passive Present Simple Passive Future Simple Passive Past Perfect Simple Passive

1. Lots of computers are made in Japan. They are one of the biggest exports. _________

2. Some people are in a state of shock but nobody has been injured. _______

3. The bomb was found at 4.30 a.m. this morning. Luckily it didn’t explode. ______

4. Fourteen people were taken to hospital. They are now in intensive care. ______

5. Basketball is a very popular game. It’s played all over the world. ______

6. Hundreds of people ahve been killed in a plane crash which happened earlier today. ____

7. The man will be released later today after the police have interviewed him. ______

8. The club had been chosen because it was popular with many different nationalities. _____

9. The police hadn’t been warned about the bomb before it exploded. ______

10. No more details

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