Ejercicios de omega files the shot stories

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Daniela Galeano Naranjo 3r A
The Omega Files
Short Stories

Page 44 act 1.Read the back cover ofthe book, and these introduction on the first page.What do you know abut these stories?Tick one bot for each sentence.

1.Hawker and Jude travel all over the world. YES
2.They work for the American Departament of Intelligence NO
3.The Omega Files are in all the newspaper NO
4.There are some surprisingstories in the files YES
5.Hawker and Jude write for a newspaper NO
6.Hawker and Jude always find the answers. YES

Page 44 act 2.What is going to happenin these stories?Can you guess?Use these table to make some sentence.

Hawker and Jude find a dangerous drog in London
Hawker and Jude climb a volcano on Pacific Island.
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1.Arla :And the army is even more dangerous!I'm going to close their laboratory.'
2.Arla : It can run all night,live under water,see in the dark,and it kills small animals withfour legs.'
3.Arla:ok,Jude .Tell me about.What was it?
4.Jude:No ,of course he hasn't.This monster isn't very clever,Arla ,but it's horrible - and dangerous
5.Arla:Mm.Genetic engineering.And what can it do?
6.Jude:Good.Please do it soon, Arla!'
7.Arla:It was one of the army's new fighters.It was a living thing-half animal ,half person.
8.Jude:But why did it try to kill Hawker then?Hawker hasn't got four legs.'

Page 49 act 3.Use the clues below to complete this crosswordwith words from the story.Then find the hidden ten-letter word in the crossword.It this a word a place ,a person,or an animal?

1.You can read the news in a newspaper every day.
2.It is dangerous to climb down into a volcano.
3.A company must do many drugs before they can sell a new medecine
4.When a volcano erupts,lava and red-hot rock come out.
5.A special room for scientist to work in laboratory
6.You can travel to planets and stars in a spaceship
7.This animal movies very,very slowly tortoise.
8.When you look for something in the dark, you need a flashlight.
9.When you are ill,you take medecine to moke you better.
10.A letter send by computer e-mail
Then hidden word is antartida ,and it is place.

Page 51 act 5.Here are some new titles for the tree

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