El calentamiento global en ingles

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Global warming, which is warming the Earth due to the use of fossil fuels and other industrial processes that lead to an accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A problem that is affecting most every day for mankind, gradually intervening in their lives, affecting in a gradually increasing factors involved in the development and balance of being around human beings, including himself and principal concerned and which has caused this situation, which threatens life on Earth in a radical way and without going back.

This is because these gases and substances produced by man and still have not been eradicated in the intervening atmospheric changes that introduced the world from times past and now are causing serious
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Among the early highlights volcanic emissions, and other sources of greenhouse gases(methane emitted on the farm animals). Among the latter may include changes in Earth's orbit around the Sun (Milankovitch Theory) and solar activity.

Climatology specialists agree that the earth has warmed recently (IPCC cites an increase of 0.6 ± 0.2 ° C in the twentieth century). More controversial is the possible explanation of what may have caused this change. Nor does anyone deny that the concentration of greenhouse gases has increased and that the cause of this increase is probably the industry over the past 200 years.

There are also striking differences between measurements taken at weather stations on land (with records rarely started from the late nineteenth century and still more rarely a continuously) and temperature measurements taken from space with satellites (all started from the second half of the twentieth century). These differences were attributed to the models used in predictions of temperature increase in the environment of their own weather stations due to urban development (the so-called heat island effect). Depending on the increase predicted by these models the temperatures observed by these stations will be higher or lower (in many cases even predicting declines in temperature).

The hypothesis that increases or decreases in concentrations of greenhouse gases may lead to a global temperature was more or less

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