El derecho y su relacion con otras ciencias

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My name is Kery, I live in Bogota Colombia and I am 11 years old.

Last vacations I went to Europe and I visited a lot of beautiful countries. This vacations I will go to Chile, I only had the opportunity to went to Venezuela in South America.

I will travel in airplane and I will stay in a hotel because we don't know anyone in this place to stay with, so I will enjoy the services of eating delicious food, the cleaning and room services.

I will go with my family which is my dad and my mom, I always travel with them, I don't have brothers or sisters but I like to spent my time with my parents.

We won't visit other countries like last summer because each county is far away. we will stay in
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I will be very happy because this is my first time in south America, obviously out of Colombia and in villa nueva and Medellin too because those places are really hot and I love this, in Medellin maybe we will have to rent a car, I think this is so good because you can go wherever place, in the future after my Dubai vacations I will live in Paris because this is a beautiful place, I will learn French and all the nights, I will go to visit the Eiffel tower, the triumph arc and the Louvre museum.

I will see all the nights the Mona Lisa paint and my sons will be happy living in Paris and, I will tell them about my children's life and the things that we play and the things that we saw in T.V. and all this things, I will have a marvelous future.

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