El materializmo y la pobreza

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The Mines of salomon king

Sir Henry Curtis goes in search of his lost brother George(Neville) to Africa, which came out to the scavenger hunts of King Solomon. To this Sir Curtis invites the known explorer and hunter Allan Quatermain, joining the retired Navy Captain John Good, because that would be a great help because of their knowledge of navigation. Also joining the African Umbopa strange, as a guide who knows the area already. Among the difficulties encountered along the way include a stampede of elephants and the risk of dying of thirst in the desert and other hazards that are
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2 -. Starts the war and finally win , where Sir Henry Curtis beheads Twala, Umbopa becoming in king.
2 -. They plan leave, Umbopa told they can look mines of Solomon, to to find the diamonds; Umbopa asks a member of the village called Gagool to guide them to the mines.
3 -. At the mines, Gagool trapped inside the mine, and think to leave them there to die, because they do not know how to open the door and just have a little food.
3 -. When trying to flee, Gagool is crushed by the door and dies.
4 -. Finally, find their way out, and as soon as possible decide to return to civilization, aggregated into by air currents.
5 -. Choose a way to go back in the jungle, where they are still there with the brother of Sir Henry Curtis, who has been living there in nature, because he was injured and could not return to the village

6 -. All return to civilization and lived happily ever after.

Personal opinion:
I definitely like the book, is a subject that I had never read before so if you read it you will know a little more about it. I also noticed that the story chronicles the life of the dog, so we know how they see the life. Actually I recommend the story because is short and

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