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Access To MySQL Documentation
This documentation is a changing document. Most of the program is self explaining and need no further documentation. Play with it and find out what it can do.


• Prerequisites • Installation • Running the Program • Command Line Interface • Tips and Tricks • Frequently Asked Questions


Before you are able to run the program you need the following installed on your system: • Microsoft Windows operating system • Microsoft Access • MySQL ODBC driver Note: If you use MySQL Server 4.1 or later you must have the ODBC version 3.51.10 or later.


The installation is very simple. Just download the setup program and run
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Select Tables

At this step of the conversion wizard all the source tables are listed. Select the tables that you want to transfer.

Transfer Options

A set of transfer options will decide how the source database is converted to MySQL. These options are listed below.
Drop and recreate destination database - If the option is checked the destination database specified on the "Destination Database" step of the wizard will be dropped and recreated during the transfer. Please note that all information in the existing database is lost when using this option.
Transfer indexes - This option will control the creation of indexes on the new tables in the destination database. Check this option to transfer indexes for all tables.
Transfer records - If you leave this option unchecked you only transfer the table definitions and not the actual data. Check this option to include the data in the transfer.
Default value properties - Some table fields may have a default value when a new record is created. Check this option if you want to transfer the definitions of default values to the destination table.
Auto number properties - In access you can define fields of type "Autonumber". This property of the field can be transferred to the destination database.

Conversion Result

After conversion the wizard will show you the result of the conversion. In case of an error during the conversion that

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