“El significado del diseño y la construccion del entorno”

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Ines Maria Mendoza High School
English Department
11th grade

Short Story: The Lady or the Tiger
Kiana Acosta
Noelia Ponce
Gabriela García
Anydellis Quintana
Emanuel Urban
Erika Vélez
Mr. Roman

December 7, 2011


A short story is a narration of something that happened. In this work we analyze the story “The Lady or the tiger”. This story is fictional based in the old day. Also we are going discuss the problem of the story, and you can learn about the characters. You can see the opinion of each one of us about the story. In the story we had to invent a final which you can see later on . The end was invented by us all. At the end of the presentation we will do a role play.

Author: Frank R. Stockton

Frank R.
…ver más…

[Middle English affecten, from Latin afficere, affect-, to do to, act on : ad-, ad- + facere, to do; see dh - in Indo-European roots.] 20. Subordinate - Belonging to a lower or inferior class or rank; secondary. [Middle English subordinat, from Medieval Latin sub rdin tus, past participle of sub rdin re, to put in a lower rank : Latin sub-, sub- + Latin rdin re, to set in order (from rd , rdin-, order; seear- in Indo-European roots).]
* Doncella: beautiful, atractive and virgine. * Tiger: hungry, fat and agressive. * Fernando: mere commone poor. * Alicia: Kings daugther princess, wiles and arrogance. * Semi-barbaric king: administred justice of the kingdom and capricious. * Main Character: Fernando and Alicia. * Secundary character: the semi-barbaric king.
* Places: Arena- develops the part where Fernando had to open one of the two doors. * Weather Conditioner: We assume that story was sunny but the story do not specify. * Time: The story was developed in an old age but we have no specific time. * Mood of Atmosphere: The atmosphere was filled with much sadness, anxiety and tension for all the problems.

In this story talks about the semi-barbaric king of an ancient I and used an unusual form of punishment for offenders in his kingdom.
Rising Action The offender would be placed in an arena where his only way out would be to go through one of two doors. Behind on door was a

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