Emergency Murder

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1.- Imagine a year has passed since the end of the story. What do you think is happening in the lives of the characters?
Virginia is obviously in prison, and she will stay there a long time. Detective Grabowsky is still solving cases, and after solving this case and charging Virginia with murder, he has become a successful detective, and many people wants him to investigate their cases. Also, he fell in love with Maxine, and they are now living together, and they are about to get married. Maxine is also very happy about this relationship. Lavelle, who was infected by leprosy, is now in a special hospital designed to cure it. Dr. Hank Wyer, who was married with Nannette, fell into a depression, but after one year he has practically
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4.- Write a review of the book. Say what you enjoyed and didn't like about the story.
In my opinion, it is an entertaining book because it starts with a death and you don’t know who the murderer is until the end. This made me want to read more and more until I finished it.
I read it quickly because it is an unpredictable book, it doesn’t have a lot of pages and the vocabulary wasn’t very difficult.
I think this is a good book to everyone who likes crime and mystery stories, and I would recommend it because it’s easy to read and it’s not boring at all.
5.- Make up a list of words related to crimes you found in the story with their translations into Catalan and a sentence using them
Autopsy – Autopsia – They did an autopsy to know the cause of the death.
Murder – Assessinat – There was a murder in the hospital.
Arrest – Arrestar – He was arrested due to the crimes he committed.
Innocent – Innocent – His alibi proved he was innocent.
Suspicious – Sospitós – He was nervous when we interviewed him, that makes him suspicious.

6.- Write a summary of the book using the words in the list form ex.5 and underline them
The story starts in the midnight at Mercy Hospital Emergency Room. Suddenly, a woman entered the ER. She was Nanette Myer who was Dr. Hank Myer's wife.
She was dead, but Dr. Hank Myer said that she must have been murdered, because she was a healthy person. Then, the autopsy showed up that Nannette had been

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