Enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos

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Thinking one night about my life and how the people that has changed it I felt somewhat nostalgic and started thinking about the women who have taught me about relations, who have seen both the best and the worst side of me, who I have loved and cared about, the women who I have let inside my heart and who I kicked out of it, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes forced, sometimes because I was kicked out of their hearts, sometimes all three.
I started thinking about them how each one of them saw a side of me different from the other but nonetheless mine, and how everyone took a part in my never ending process of growing up.
First my first girlfriend, that girl that opened my eyes to relations, that first kiss, that tender embrace, it
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That shift from friend to something else started the relation which would define many of my features and how I present myself to women, how I talk, and what I know, yet it also ended a promising friendship with some guy who coincidentally was her ex-boyfriend. She is an intellectual, a woman who can ensnare you in any conversation, who can fiercely hold her ground while talking of anything between philosophy and mathematics. She was a definitely a challenge. She introduced me to a more adult world, one that included meeting parents, going to parties and hiding out. A world that included fighting for both important and stupid things, one in which learning to forgive and asking for forgiveness becomes a game between lovers. She introduced me to jealousy, passion and sadness. To great movies, intelligent conversations, stubbornness and intolerance. She was the first to feel betrayed, to get mad and to scream at me. But also to make me realize that I have flaws, that some things happen because of my fault and that a relationship requires more than caring. I will forever be in debt to her as she became the bridge between my late childhood and my young adulthood.
The hippie, oh my god how much fun we had, we were great together; we were friends, lovers and the greatest listeners the other had. We could talk for hours in my car, just looking at the stars. But I was waiting for

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