Ensayo De El Libro Aura En Ingles. Completo

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AURA a work of fiction, is told in second person by an omniscient narrator, a narrator who knows everything, so much so that tells us much of the story in future with an innovative style.
The weight of history lies undoubtedly in space, the setting used by Carlos Fuentes refers me immediately to a Gothic period, a Holland represented in a painting by Rembrandt. Black backgrounds, faces opaque bodies sprayed by a few strokes of light.
The importance of space we can begin to determine the moment when Philip Montero first read the newspaper. Continuing with endless descriptions to acclimate.
The house is located in downtown Mexico City, but it seems from the beginning an empty house and abandoned by time and sunlight. A relic from the
…ver más…

It is a call to life, plants, forest and especially the youth. A Call contrast to the lack of youth physical comfort.
"Aura dressed in green taffeta gown with that ..."
The green eyes of comfort ... " Green symbolizes young love of comfort to her husband, a love that is still alive despite the damage of time and is representative to understand that Aura and Consuelo are the same when Philip sees the photos.
"... Mrs. Diaz will have one hundred and nine years now (...) always dressed in green. Always beautiful, even in a hundred years. "
The Carlos Fuentes used too much green color supports you to reinforce the idea of young love in Aura Consuelo, to support the idea of duality that exists between both, the idea of Consuelo was once the most beautiful, young, attractive, a green Consuelo could not have children and that leads her to give birth to a being that is part of his life, is part of her, she controls it.
"... Eat with such fatality dog, as if expecting a boost foreign to her to take the spoon, the knife ..."
The green moss, the slime of the bottle, green bronze supports the idea of a physically old Consuelo, that moldy green symbolizes the passage of time on things intact as Ms. Ballesteros love her husband, as intact that has been home over the years. It is a house where life seems to have passed a house where moisture and darkness are skin deep.
"Two pans under hot platters of silver and an old bottle and

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