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internet (historia del internet ensayo en ingles)

Currently the internet is one of the major media in the world and its resources are used every day for a large percentage of people worldwide, because many depend on it seriously to perform its functions and duties, and others simply used as a hobby more in their lives.

The irony is that a large proportion of these people do not know or care to know about what is actually the internet, its current approach and has taken courses in history dare, because the Internet we know today is quite different in many respects to that employed in their origins, both in structure and approach.

In short internet can be defined as a network of networks, which in itself is the interconnection of
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Dissolved ARPANET and NSFNET appeared.

It is notorious the long and momentous journey that had to be carried, so that the Internet would become what it is today, but this process of evolution not only affect the technology, but also society in general, as evolved as the networks, so did the way that people gave to use these new opportunities. Initially started as a way to more safely and efficiently transferring messages between the military, but later, while improving network performance, I become more used by governments, institutions and universities.

To form networks were evolving, society was increasingly adapting to these, giving better and new uses for these resources and opportunities afforded by the networks. Over time the Internet has become increasingly accessible to society, to become vitally important tool in many jobs.

Internet has evolved into an increasingly rapid pace, and the range of possibilities allows us is growing, initially was used to share important information across institutions, then more and more people came to browse for their own purposes as investigation. While the possibilities and services over the internet grew, so did the people that made him use those resources.

Currently it is very common to see companies, universities and institutions find it absolutely necessary Internet access to perform their daily tasks. Also as previously mentioned Internet is a network of networks, where many business networks and

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