Ensayo De Ingles Sobre La Tecnologia

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CVA Essay

We can say that from the beginning of the humanity, we replaced the basic needs, we create rudimentary tolos of hunting and fishing that allowed us to survive, we were nomadic, we took refuge in caverns; but only the a fact of having created primitive technology based on the stone and wood was evolving due to the fact that new needs were arising; up to the point that there was already an exploitation of the land, vestment more sophisticated, and definitely the dwelling also had evolved just as we were creating and using new tools. At the social level we evolved from clans that were governed by norms or rules exercised by the strongest to the constitution of the family. On the other hand the environment was suffering changes
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The deep changes in the education that the new technological instruments have supposed, demand to students and professors a new basic formation and a continuous formation or permanent training to be able to carry out them in an effective and fruitful way, that is to say, a digital alphabetization. Therefore, it supposes the development of new competitions.

Additionally, the evolution and the changes that occur daily in the world, directly influence the paths and what to do enterprise. Therefore, the organizations have been forced to transforming and implementing new ways of administering his physical and human resources. The changes of the surroundings, the implementation of new technologies and phenomena like the globalization also have impacted to the interior of the organizations, forcing them to be reorganized and to managing internally, in an immediate way, the changes that allow them to adjust to the new rules that it brings every day.

Inside this scheme of changeable flows, there exists an accelerator that is previously mentioned which is technology. New software and hardwares that facilitate the management of the organization and optimize the processes and procedures,

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