Ensayo De Ingles Sobre Violencia

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The violence and abuse in Mexico has being one of the most frequents problems, and one of the most annoying for my. This presents in three powerful kinds:
• Violence at the woman
• Bullying
• Domestic violence
Also there are other kinds like the national problem of the drug trafficking and the crime which don’t put we stay relax.
The first three are because every time there is anyone that feel powerless and need shows his power, doing use of the violence, but the biggest problem of them is that the victims of one aggressor sometimes turn in futures aggressors, this causes a vicious circle which never ends.
If the victims don’t turn in aggressors, turn in introverted people or in extreme cases can suicide.
The only
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How we see the abuse or domestic violence takes many forms, not just physical violence affects the lives and comfort of a home, often verbal or economic violence can affect much more than physical violence in these cases the victims tend to become submissive and are isolated from the rest of the world, as this type of abuse tends to destroy your self esteem.
The causes of the domestic violence is believed that one of the causes are the effects of the current economic crisis in Mexico, for the moment the government offices have reported high rates of violence. These are probably related to unemployment and increasing the levels of stress produced by growing poverty, which is an indicator of domestic violence.
The principal cause of the domestic violence in Mexico is the abuse of alcohol.
Usually when the men of the family has feeling powerless feel the necessity of show his place in the family, often using the violence whit the most weak of this.
But also can present that whit any other which feels these.
Other of the more usually problems in the country about the violence is one that happen in the schools, called bullying.
Seems not, but really are very frequent the cases of bullying among children, that some fathers have living in own meet, but don’t knows it, and they don’t know what to do or how act.
The bullying is in almost everywhere, isn’t exclusive of some sector of the society or according the sex, although usually

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