Ensayo En Inglés: Las Drogas Y Sus Efectos En Los Adolescentes

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This research paper is focused on information about harmful drugs of today badly needed social awareness.
The drugs are from the earliest times, but then, for purposes that were used was just the area of medicine. Today we can see how the drug are abused in their use becoming dangerous in every area of the sphere of life, even to be created for malicious purposes. Then highlight the lack of information about the way that drugs are mainly affects young people, who are the main consumers of these today.
At present, we can find drugs everywhere and everyone seems to use them. Many people are tempted by the excitement or escape that drugs seem to offer.
But knowing the drug information can help you see the risks of going
…ver más…
We note that the amphetamine occurs in the circulatory sitema the rapid heart rate, alcohol affects the nervous system by the brain because it leaks memory, mental confusion (or lack of clarity) in addition to numbness of the senses, and by the digestive system, poisoning, and cocaine also has many similarities with the symptoms of Amphetamine (then we can deduce that the symptoms that occur between the consumption of various types of drugs do not vary largely in their effects) .
Some drugs are used for medicinal purposes, but they excess consumption is always harmful. Young people unconsciously use them (lack of social awareness) and this deprives them of realizing the dangers that are involved or too consumed by the pressure of the social group (the process of acceptance).
The properties and functions of drugs acting together, the drugs are chemicals that alter the functioning of our body. When introduced into the body (ingestion, inhalation or injection), the drugs enter the bloodstream and are transported to different parts of the body like the brain. In the brain, drugs may intensify or dull your senses, alter alertness and in some cases, reduce physical pain.

Drugs can be helpful or harmful. The effects of drugs vary by drug type, amount taken, how often it is used and how quickly to the brain, also vary depending on what other drugs, foods or substances

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