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Name: Celeste García Cortez 4° “A” L.I.I.
The Functions of Language
The important thing to recognize is that, linguistically speaking the functions of language are all of equal importance. It´s useful first of all to distinguish between the micro and macro functions of language. Let´s begin by looking at some of the Micro functions. Micro functions of Language | Explanation | Example | 1. To release nervous/ physical energy (physiological function) | This may seem a rather trivial function by a fact a good deal of language use has a physiological purpose. Clearly words like: fuck, bloody, bugger, shit and so on, are not being used for any conceptual content
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| 5. As an instrument of thought (reasoning function) | Our thinking is done in words. The words are the ideas because our ideas are generated in language; they come to us already linguistically encoded. Speaking and writing are forms of thought. | How can we define words like civilization, culture, democracy and liberty? They seem to be subject. Many nouns, like: table and chair refer to real things. Jeremy Bentham pointed out that democracy and crime are also real in the same way. We call them concrete nouns. | 6. As a means of communicating ideas and feelings (communication function) | Communication is a two–way process. We need be able to use language to express ourselves to others, and, conversely, we need in order to understand what they are communicating to us. | When two friends are speaking to each other they will attend to copy each other´s speech patterns. They will accommodate by converging in terms of accent and dialect. | 7. To give delight (pleasure functions) | There is the sheer enjoyment of sound itself and the melody of certain combination of sounds. Devices such as onomatopoeia, alliteration and assonance all drawn on the pleasure we find in euphony, as do rhythm and rhyme. | The children respond as much to the melody of the language as to any cognitive content. Indeed, spoken English is rhythmically organized

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