Ensayo de la pelicula mexicana la ley de herodes

1175 palabras 5 páginas
1.- General information Book´s Name: The mummy returns. Author: John Withman (Based on the screenplay by stephen sommers) Number of pages: 37 Type of book: Narrative Number of characters: 13

2.- Identify the main characters and describe them (1 to 3) The Mummy (Imhotep): He is a immortal mummy , and he has a trauma, because he loves Anck-su-namun, but he can´t be with her, then he is angry, on the other hand, he wants to be the king of the world.

The Scorpion King: He is a mutant man, because he did a pact to serve Anubis, and he has the most strong army. In the year of the scorpion he wakes up and he can kill everybody.

Rick o´Connell: He is the hero of the story, he is

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