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Clinical relevance

T here is a weak correlation between DIAGNOdent readings and carious lesion depth and volume. Based on the current study, the appropriate DIAGNOdent cut-off point to detect carious lesions reaching the DEJ or beyond is between 35 and 40.


The accurate diagnosis of non-cavitated occlusal caries is generally considered problematic induced fluorescence quantified by the DIAGNOdent device (kavo) gives a readings from 0-99, which may help in the caries diagnostic.

Process. There is some controversy around the implication of increased severity of decay with increased DIAGNOdent readings. This in vivo study assessed the
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Some readings have correlated more severe decay with increasing DD values, though others have not found a correlated of lesion depth and DD value. Others have suggested that DIAGNOdent values were dependent on the lesion. An in vitro study used digital imaging software to analyze serial hemisections of extracted teeth to correlate lesion area with DD readings; hower, in vitro studies are difficult to generalize to practice, and a choice of and time in different storage media have been shown to influence laser fluorescence values on extracted teeth. A recent in vivo study attempted to correlate DD readings witch cavity depth and volume as prepared with an air-abrasion system and found no significant correlations between the two.

This in vivo study assessed the correlation of depth and volume of decay as removed by traditional rotary handpieces with DIAGNOdent readings and determined an appropriate cut-off point from the study sample.


Patients Selection

Institutional Review Board approval for the project was obtained prior to initiation. Sixty lesions were identified in patients of record at the graduate Operative Dentistry Clinic at the University of Michigan. Once prospective patients were identified, the procedure and aims of the study were explained to them and informed conset was obtained.

The following inclusion criteria were used to determined entry into the study: the included teeth must be permanent

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