Ensayo fascismo y nazismo

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Example of the Test

Names: Bárbara Poblete Grade: 2º A Remigio Herrera Date: September 21

1.- Draw the food pyramid.

Candy Butter Chocolate

Yogurt Chicken Milk - Cheese fish – eggs

Lettuce – Carrot Orange - Apple Tomatoes Grapes

Bread - Cereal - Corn
…ver más…

What does it mean?
Carol: it mean that have it just vegetables and fruits
John: what do you used?
Carol: Tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cucumbers and lemon juice and to the dessert: A fruit salad, with berries, grapes, pineapple and yogurt.
John: And this taste good? ... I prefer a hamburguer o a hot dog, is so much delicious.
Carol: Can be delicious, but the fat is hurting your body, unlike the fruits and vegetables, that adittion are so delicious, too care your body.
John: Mm… You got reason. I hope that the lunch like it to your dad, I should to go, Bye
Carol: Thanks, bye, see you later.

4.- Answer in English

• What should a footballer eat? R: A footballer should eat food that got so proteins that strengthen it body, foods like vegatbles, fruits, meat, rice.

• What should a very thin adolescent eat? A: A adolescent should eat foods that help their growth, like the milk, and healthly foods but too fat that can give it energy, like de chocolate, sugar.

• What do you eat at lunch? A: At the lunch I eat common foods, like spaghetti, rice, meat, ever with a salad like lettuce, tomatoes, and fruits like orange or apples.

• What do you eat at the breakfast? A: I take milk with coffee, and I eat bread with cheese or eggs.

• What tips do you give to stay healthy?

*To have a good horary to sleep *Don’t eat many

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