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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Introduction: A strange house on a dark street in England tells odd tales of a mysterious figure so vicious and disturbing as to want to trample small children and kill seemingly innocent men. A figure named Hyde. Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, finds this Hyde person connected to his good friend, Dr. Jekyll, through a simple piece of paper. But this connection takes Mr. Utterson down a road he never wanted to walk, leading to the revelation of a terrible secret and exposing the darkest side of man... Chapter 1 -history of the door On Sundays, Mr. Utterson takes walks through the
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Jekyll's close colleague. There, he finds out Dr. Lanyon and Henry Jekyll had a falling out of sorts over a scientific argument. And to his disappointment, Dr. Lanyon knows nothing about a man named Hyde.
In his sleep, Mr. Utterson tosses in bed all night, thinking and dreaming about the mysterious Hyde. He concludes that if he can only catch a glimpse of that face, much of the mystery surrounding Henry Jekyll and the mysterious will can be resolved. Mr. Utterson determines that night: "If he be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr. Seek" From then on, Mr. Utterson tries to locate Mr. Hyde, posting himself near the door at different hours of the day. Finally, one day around ten o'clock at night, Mr. Utterson sees a man about to enter the door. "Mr. Hyde, I think?" asks Mr. Utterson, confronting the stranger. Mr. Utterson introduces himself as Dr. Jekyll's friend. The man replies that Dr. Jekyll is not at home and asks how a stranger comes to know his name. Mr. Utterson asks to see his face and the man hesitates for a moment before defiantly revealing his face. The man gives Mr. Utterson his address in Soho and asks again how Mr. Utterson got his name. Mr. Utterson replies that he got it from Dr. Jekyll. The man accuses Mr. Utterson of lying and promptly disappears through the door. After this encounter, Mr. Utterson corroborates Mr. Enfield's queasy feelings about Hyde. He observes:
"The last I think; for, O poor old Harry Jekyll, if ever I read Satan's

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