Ensayo sobre la hermeneutica

1448 palabras 6 páginas
Secondary School Max Shein 280

Teacher: Saul Ramirez Aguilar

Matter: English III

Name: Juan Pablo Guevara Vázquez

Grade: 3º Group: B

Work: Grease’s Work



I decided To go To The Work Of Vaseline because The Movie likes to me a lot! And This one Is The Second Time That I See it! The last Time I Remained waiting more And In This Occasion It Wasn’t The Exception! It was quite cold, We come To The theater at 3:30 we went To Ticket office to Buy The tickets while that delivered The Questionnaires! That I Surprised Very much see that Was In Spanish! Since Supposedly The Work Was In English! at 4 We Start to Entering at the theater! Quite very tidy! We Sit down In Our Place And

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