Ensayo sobre la ilustracion kant

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The Implications of Styles in Learning English process as Second Language. The process of learning a second language is very complete because people have a lot of different styles and processes; and those have an important impact on learners and their process as well. Style is defined by Styles and Strategies Chapter 5 like “term that refers to consistent and rather enduring tendencies or preferences within and individual”. It means that every person has a different style and process that made them learn one item in differently. Somebody can be visually oriented, tolerant and ambiguity, or reflected that are some different styles; those are styles that show the differences of the cognitive process on learners;
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Finally there are the left and right-brain functions, both hemispheres work together and they develop all different styles that involve feelings, thoughts, emotions and cognitive processes and these make a person different from the rest and more competitive for the learning progression. Here there is the left side of the brain, “it is associated with logical, analytical thought, with mathematical and linear processing of information”. Then there is the right side of the brain “perceives and remembers visual, tactile, and auditory images; it is efficient in procession holistic, integrative and emotional information”. As we see people in general work with both hemispheres to get a second language acquisition, this is the most integral style of learning acquisition because people have a completed view of the item they are learning. Moreover, the implications are development of the different abilities from human beings and a better production regarding with audio-oral, writing and expressing ideas; all of this is in agreement with Styles and Strategies chapter 5. To sum up, the different styles have different implications on learners and their learning procedure; and this is the result of their different personalities and

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