Ensayo sobre morin, e. la mente bien ordenada, capítulo 4: “enseñar a vivir”

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I'm going to talk about motivation. The creation of positive attitudes towards the teaching of English language students, aimed at early childhood education. Motivation is essential for students, is that motivated an interest and a positive attitude towards language: if they are motivated, they want to learn and to include it in the day to day. In short, we should make our futures students feel happy learning English, but the more complicated it is and How? There are many factors that can affect their motivation and consequently their way of learning the new language like as the classroom, the teacher, the children's own attitude toward learning ... However, sometimes these attitudes can be negative creating inhibition and shyness may …ver más…

About the class environment, we must foster English environment through the use of visual displays such as:
- Labels with names of things.
- Work done by students: drawings, posters, handicrafts ...
- Posters of Great Britain, UK ...
- Calendar to mark the date, day of the week ...
- Posters of English films, cartoons ....
- "around English displays": posters with questions and practical expressions on the wall, some expressions can be: can I drink water, please?, Can I go to the toilet, please?, Silence, stand up, sit down ... Create a pleasant environment is a meaningful way to make students feel relaxed, at ease within the class group and open to the English language. To achieve this, teachers can make a type of contract signed by all students in which to display a list of class rules. On the other hand teachers have to motivate students through:
- Compression for the efforts and interests of all students.
- Praise and reward correct responses and attitudes.
- Find what you're good to each student.
- Providing personal attention to each student according to their needs.
- Etc.

Finally, teachers must be prepared to attend a class heterogeneous with different abilities and skills of students. In conclusion, future teachers must not only focus on the methodology to the teaching of vocabulary and grammatical expressions but also teaching strategies that lead children to learn independently. But above all we must get them

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