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Gas combustible producto de la descomposición de desechos orgánicos que genera la ganadería y agricultura.


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I. Resumen. 3
II. Abstract. 4
III. Introducción. 5
Capítulo 1.
IV. Problema de investigación. 7
V. Objetivos 8 a. General. 8 b. Específicos 8
VI. Justificación. 9
Capítulo 2.
VII. Marco teórico. 10 1. Gas biológico por descomposición anaerobia. 11 1.1 Elementos químicos que conforman el gas combustible. 11 1.2 Factores que determinan el gas combustible. 12 1.3 Factores que afectan la producción de gas. 13 1.4 Tipo de materia prima. 14 1.5
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The absence of oxygenate it allows the action of microorganisms and bacteria to generate a similar gas to the one derived of petroleum (GLP). This natural fuel can be used to produce electric power, to light ovens, stoves, dryers, boilers and any combustion apparatus to gas, by means of systems adapted for such an effect. The biogas is compound for a mixture methane (CH4) in a proportion that oscillates among 50% to 70%, besides dioxide of carbon (CO2) and other gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and the sulfurate of hydrogen. The biogas takes place in a recipient closed called biodigestor in whose interior the chemical energy of the organic matter is liberated (manure, agricultural residuals, garbage, etc.). The residuals that are in the digesters are used like payment for the improvement of the floors. Before this a homemade biodigestor of low cost was developed and with materials that are easy to get, recyclable and of great utility in air rural where the families possess livestock. The biodigestor produced biogas (methane) and biofertilizante (I pay) starting from the 15 days after its installation. And with this you also arm a pipe from the biodigestor until the burners of the kitchen and another biogas conduit until a calefón. This will help to reduce the expense for consumption of commercial gas, this way to contribute with the reduction of gases of effect hothouse and to the

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