Estado de bienestar

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Modal verbs exercises
Rewrite each sentence so that it contains can, could, must, have to or should, including negative forms.

Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence.

a) Look at those clouds. I think it can/might/must rain. b) This is impossible! It can’t be/mustn’t be/may not be the answer. c) Well done! You may be/must be/might be very pleased! d) I’ve no idea where Jane is. She could be/must be anywhere! e) I suppose it’s possible. I might/can/must come to your party. f) I’m not sure. I must not/may not be able to come to your party. g) That can’t be/mustn’t be/may not be David. He hasn’t got a bike. h) Lisa isn’t here yet. She can be/must be on her way. i) j) l) There’s someone at the
…ver más…

Peter _________________________________________ the boy. s) Is it possible to reach the top on foot? _________________________________________? t) I’m sure she hasn't been going out with him. She _________________________________________ u) Would it be possible for me to use your phone for a second time? _________________________________________? v) You'd better not stay under that balcony. You _________________________________________. w) Where's Hugh? I don't know. Perhaps he's gone out to fetch the paper. I don't know. He _________________________________________ x) She's too stupid! I’m sure he won't fall in love with her. He _________________________________________. y) Sally: we were seven people travelling in the same car for more that 300 km. John: I guess the journey wasn't a very comfortable one. It _________________________________________ journey z) She wishes you had helped her with her paper. You _________________________________________. aa) Dogs are not allowed in this restaurant. Dogs _________________________________________. bb) Perhaps you'll pass your exam if you study a bit more. You _________________________________________. cc) He is completely sure she was there when he arrived. She _________________________________________.


Alejandro English Teacher

dd) It wasn't necessary for them to buy a new car. They could have repaired the old one. They

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