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Apply for a credit card get an allowance get out of debt have a budget Invest money in
Keep track of pay good interest pay in cash set aside money take out a loan

When Andrew was growing up, he was careful with his money. He got an allowance every week from his parents, and because he wanted to go to college, he set aside money every month. He opened a savings account that invest money in, so his savings grew. In college, he didn't have much money, but he took out a loan and stuck to it. He paid good interest the money he spent, and when he bought things, he always paid in cash. But then, Andrew won $1 million in a lottery, and everything changed. He didn’t got out of debt stocks and bonds.
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3. What would you have done differently? What wouldn't you have done?
You should have taken care not to spend all the money and could have it separate for different things. And he had paid its debts.
4. How do you think he must have felt after he'd spent all the money?
It could probably you have stress or feeling desperate and frustrated by not having saved nothing.

5 Why do you think Andrew went on a spending spree?
Because you might have thought that it was a lot of money and that is you couldn't everything in a short time.
Complete the charts with nouns and adjectives. How many words can you think of to describe personal qualities or emotions? Compare with a partner. Then ask and answer questions using words from ),our charts. Nouns | depression | flexibility | Realism | goodness | guilt | sympathy | jealousy | honesty | shame |

Adjectives | aggressive | Motivated | quiet | confident | Self-disciplined | determined | intelligent | hard-working | angry |

Complete these quotations with a problem, and then add a solution, using the appropriate form of (he verb given)
1. John: "I went rock climbing, and I got this really big hole/tear in my backpack.
It needs to be sewn/ I sewing (sew). Are you good at sewing?"
2. Alice: "' my maintained kitchen faucet is a drip/leak and I can´t it on and off." Needs fixing / hold, but I can´t afford to get a plumber do / make now. "Can you take a look?"
3. Robert:

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