Etica Para Amador (Ingles)

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First in the book talk about cases with logical consequences for know what we do is good and bad, what I really want to say is that sometimes the people don’t do something because we know that is not good for our health or for us and that is very important cause we feel good when we do that but nothing in excess or behaviors that help us to live but sometimes also highlight what is the responsibility or our desire to live without leaving aside the freedom, a fad is something that only interests a person which is having such a whim, and not society in general but this aspect discussed in the chapter, I think it's the only one who has almost total freedom, and custom orders are not free and are set by someone, and when we have
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This character at one point during a journey, due to a storm, in dilemma to save the goods transported, endangering the lives of his men, or dispose of the goods to ensure their safety.

The story to illustrate the theme of the vagaries tells the story of two brothers, of whom the elder, Esau, was due to their age, the firstborn in the family. One day, after a hard day of fishing, Esau came home with a tremendous desire for lentil soup prepared by his brother. Esau offered them in exchange for the birthright to that counted. Carried away by this momentary whim Esau agreed, not knowing he would regret that decision the rest of his days.

Here narrates a passage from the film "Citizen Kane". The protagonist always lived by and for the money; his only goal was to obtain wealth and power, apart from his fellows. One day he realizes that is greater and his entire fortune is totally useless, it is then when he recalls his childhood, the only pleasant moment of his life is when he had his family

The Earl of Gloucester. He devoted himself to eliminate his successors on the throne in order to

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