Etica en el ejercicio de la profesion

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I love you mom, I love you
I can not forget.

February 9, 77. Reach brother and suddenly the world
Still not seeing anything I felt his presence,
God at my side my mother that experience, (bis)

Today I want to sing with the heart,
For bringing me into this world with courage,
Today I want to express all my love,
Each passing day I love you mother more, (bis)

You're like water to me essential
I can not explain You are so special
Forgive me if one day I forgive evil,
Or all those nights you did mourn,
In good and bad you are always with me,
I love you, love you, love you,
I love you, love you, I love you.


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You taught me to breathe and your belly stroking my fragile body.
I dreamed of color and I imagined beautiful were nine months in a pink world.
I grew up a little with your heat
I ate with your touch and words of love.
The time came going to meet you,
I was very sheltered afraid of losing ...
It was light a February morning, there you were mom so wonderful and so sweet as I had imagined.
I learned with the passage of time dangerous and in my wanderings of each of your advice rated in each act for my nineteen years, and dreaming of becoming
I find myself far with your words involving my experiences and fears cower of my youth.

Principio del formulario
Letter to my mom


I wanted to write these lines before my exam and read them when I'm in it, to receive your blessings right at this moment, I want you to know that I very much appreciate the support we've given to Rodrigo and me as we always have given a lesson in life!

We have started is a difficult path, the goal is still far from achieving, Animo! We are at the beginning of a very hard stage Mami, but together we will succeed, we have a commitment of love and loyalty to you, but things are looking in different ways, and I assure you I affirm that I am the same measure that you are with us, soon you will see that this little seed of struggle in this family sown will bear fruit.

Know that as you start this and if God has for me for a road with many

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