Examén de inglés primer grado de secundaria

1310 palabras 6 páginas

Nombre del maestro (a):___________________________________________________
Nombre del alumno (a):____________________________________Grupo:__________
Fecha: ___________________________Aciertos:________Calificación:____________

Instruction: Quietly read and analyze before responding as appropriate to the correct answer on the answer sheet by filling in pencil subsection.

1.- Which one is a formal greeting?
a) Hi
b) Hello
c) Ok
d) Please

2.- Are two ways to answer “How are you?
a) This is Robert / Nice too meet you
b) Perfect / More or less
c) I’m OK / I’m fine, thanks
d) Good afternoon / thanks

3.- What instructions do you hear in the classroom?
…ver más…

a) In, at, on
b) Near, next to, between
c) Left, right, straight
d) And, but, or

31.- These are matters of class?
a) Ecoturism, education, support
b) Student, teacher, director
c) Math, chemistry, biology
d) Recreational, artistic, library

32.- What are the adverbs of frequency?
a) That, those, these, this
b) Mine, yours, theirs, ours
c) Once, twice, there times, all days
d) Always, never, sometimes, often

33.- Is an expression of time.
a) Always
b) Once upon a time
c) O’clock
d) Again

34.- what are the adverbs of sequence? this, That, there, Those finally, after that, later, Then always, never, Often, Usually
Which, were, who, when

35.- How often do you buy clothes?
a) Once a month
b) Today
c) A year
d) Forever

36.- Mentions the sea animals
a) Giraffe, zebra, elephant
b) Octophus, fish, shark
c) Bird, owl, gull,butterfly
d) Lizard, wasp, ant, bug

37.- If the verb "go" is in third person singular is added:
a) –es
b) –ies
c) –s
d) –ing

38.- It is an animal of 8 feet:
a) Worm
b) Chicken
c) Spider
d) Frog

39.-this verb means "Cantar”
a) To sing
b) Sang
c) Song
d) Singer

40.- Means the color "café” in English
a) Green
b) Blue
c) Brown
d) Gray

41.- Are adjectives:
a) Yellow, Black
b) Important, beautiful
c) Have, do
d) Toronto, Chile

42.- Is a place:
a) Restaurant

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