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Read the conversation:
Lucy: Mom, you didn’t write the quantity of each thing. How much rice do you need? How many watermelons do you want?
Mother: You’re right. I need a kilo of rice, a kilo of beans and two kilos of apples.
Also I need two bottles of oil, three cartons of milk, a watermelon and half a kilo of lemons.
Lucy: What about the rest of the things?
Mother: Well, I need a box of cereal, a jar of coffee, a packet of pasta and a bar of butter.
Lucy: Can I buy some cookies, Mom?
Mother: Sure.
Lucy: And a box of chocolate cookies. Ready, I wrote in the list.
1. Answer the questions.
a) How much butter does
…ver más…

d) How many kilos of apples does Lucy’s mother need?
e) Where is Lucy going to buy the things required by her mother?
4. Complete the chart with information in the dialogue and in the supermarket list. Notice that a certain quantity of things in general are uncountable (flour, coffee, water, sugar, etc.) is expressed using a quantifier followed by of and an uncountable noun (a kilo of sugar, a cup of flour, four spoons of coffee, etc.)
5. Match the pictures with the expressions.
a) a tube of tooth paste
b) a bottle of oil
c) a glass of water
d) a kilo of sugar
e) a box of cereal f ) a bag of potato chips
g) a bar of butter
h) a packet of pasta
i) a can of tuna fish
j) a jar of mayonnaise
|Countable |Uncountable |
|a kilo of rice |rice |
| | |
| | |
| | |

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