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What Is HIV?
H – Human. I – Immunodeficiency. V – Virus.

Human immunodeficiency virus is a lot like other viruses, including those that cause the "flu" or the common cold. But there is a difference, over time; your immune system can clear most viruses out of your body. That isn't the case with HIV. The human immune system can't get rid of it.

HIV can hide for long periods of time in the cells of your body and that it attacks a key part of the immune system: T-cells or CD4 cells. The body has to have these cells to fight infections and disease, but HIV invades them, uses them to make more copies of itself, and then destroys them.

Over time, HIV can destroy so many of the CD4 cells that the body can't fight infections and diseases
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No matter why you use needles/syringes, you should always use a new, sterile syringe every time you prepare and inject drugs—or for each piercing or tattoo. This will help protect you and others from HIV.

Safer Moms & Babies
If you are pregnant and you are HIV-positive, there are medications that can dramatically reduce your chance of passing HIV to your baby.

Safer Work
Healthcare-Related Risks can be protected from HIV by: following standard infection-control guidelines in your workplace. These include: Using safer techniques with sharp objects, like needles or lancets. Don’t recap sharps after you use them. Dispose of used sharps in the correct container. Wear gloves, eye and face protection, and gowns to protect yourself from contact with blood or other body fluids. Treat all blood and body fluids as if they are infectious-

Prevention After Work-Related Exposure: If you believe you have been exposed to HIV at work, you can take medications that will lower your risk of getting HIV. The treatment is called PEP.

Testing & Early Treatment
You can help prevent HIV infections by getting an HIV test. That’s because knowing your HIV status can keep you from accidentally passing the virus to someone else.

Early treatment is another important part of prevention. If you test positive for HIV, you can get the medical care that will help keep you healthy.

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