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Danger of extinction
A species becomes extinct when his last existing copy, dies. Therefore, the extinction becomes a certainty when there are no able to reproduce and give rise to a new generation member. Also a species may become extinct functionally when only survives a small number of members who are unable to play due to problems of health, age, geographical distance due to a very large range, due to lack of individuals of both sexes (in species that reproduce sexually), or other reasons.
Identify a species extinction (or pseudoextinción) requires that it is clearly
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It is noteworthy that the names of ocelot and tiger are shared according to areas, with different and much more usually called feline jaguar (Panthera onca).

The ocelot is a medium-sized spotted cat with a head and body length of 70 cm on average, relatively short tail (45% of the length above) and a weight in the environment of 11 kg.

Geographical distribution
The ocelot is present from the southern U.S. and northern Mexico to northern Argentina.

It has a great versatility in habitat use may inhabit rainforests, mountains and even semi-desert. They are nocturnal, spending most of the day sleeping in the branches of trees or hidden in the vegetation. It is solitary habits. It tends to ambush their prey.

Mothers have one to four puppies in each delivery. It is estimated that breed every two years. The gestation period is 70-85 days. The adult females are a year and a half, the males at two years. In captivity, he estimated a lifespan of 20 years; you may be much shorter in nature.

It feeds on small and medium sized mammals, such as opossums, monkeys, bats and others. They also eat reptiles (young alligators, lizards and snakes) and turtle eggs. They hunt birds and some are good fishermen.

Harpy Eagle
The harpy

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