Freedom writers (escritores para la libertad) análisis en inglés

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3) How does the story start?

The story starts when Erin Gruwell, recently qualified as an English teacher, arrives, full of enthusiasm, at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California looking for a job. This establishment has lately incorporated an integration program for risk students, most of them separated into racial groups or gangs (Latins, Asians, Cambodians, blacks, whites, etc.). Erin gets the job, but she’s only allowed to teach for first and second year, until she gains more experience.

5) Choose these adjectives to describe the following characters:
…ver más…
Then she says he is who taught her about civil rights. 7) Answer.

a-Where is Erin’s school?
Erin’s school is in Long Beach, California. b-How does Erin feel the first day at school?
The first day at school, she feels really enthusiastic about teaching there, but she doesn’t know that those students are much harder to manage than she thinks it is. c-What do her students do during the class?
During the first class, her students do everything but paying attention to Erin. When they arrive, they immediately separate themselves into groups according to their races, and start talking or threatening each others. d-Are the other classes at Wilson High school similar to Erin’s?
No, they aren’t. The other classes at Wilson High School are made up of students with high marks, most of them whites, eventually considered superior and more capable than the students in charge of Mrs. Gruwell. They also have access to the school’s library, unlike Erin’s ones. e-Does Erin have the principal and the teachers’ support?
No, she doesn’t. For example, she can’t use the books of the library to teach her students because the principal thinks that they will damage or lost them. She isn’t allowed to take them on excursions either, and the teachers call her naïve for believing that she can change her students’ behaviour. f- What is the turning point in Erin’s relationship with her students?
The relationship between Erin and her students changes

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