Frozen pizza

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Two Worlds

Karen, a woman director, is going to make a documentary series about two different ‘Englands’ living side by side: the haves side, focused in the south, and the have-nots in the north. Rosie, the one who is interviewed, makes Karen realizes how easy her life is just for living in London. In the north of the island, there is a smell of hopelessness everywhere and people living there can’t imagine any sort of live outside the estate, and overcoat they don’t think things will get better.

Rosie’s life is really hard. Her mother is almost drunk and in consequence, the house is always dirty and Rosie has to take care of her little sister. Things aren’t easier for her: her mother doesn’t bother about them, they don’t have money
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The Star Reporter

Mike’s life has changed. He’s in the ‘Student News’ office and he’s a reporter. One day, he was in an ordinary editorial meeting and his editor Angela asked him if he had a few good ideas for publishing. He was lucky because an idea had just come to his mind right then. He began to explain them that the university sold off some land near the river in order to build a new housing estate the year before. The problem was all the floods they had had. It was a huge danger building closely to the river. That idea was so great for Angela that she start giving orders to them just for achieving every detail about the notice. So, Mike went down to the new estate with Sue, the photographer. There were six houses and the river was so closely that the mud had come up far as the front doors. Carol, a woman who lived there, was staying outside when Mike and Sue arrived. Sue started to take photographs and Carol and David went into her house. Mike was surprised because the house was empty and clean. She didn’t have much money but she spent everything she had for her and her baby. She loved her baby. The thing was that Carol was upset to Sue because she wanted to take Carol a photograph and that made Mike think about. She didn’t want any pictures. So Mike thought something had happened to her in the past and he decided to find out that. Carol

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