Fuentes de energia actuales

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Try the Toothbrush Test Why We Are Who We Are Programming the Foetus The Brain-Wiring Test How to Score the Test Analysing the Result A Final Word


4. Talking And Listening 85 The 'Blue or Gold Shoes' Strategy Why Males Can't Talk Proper Boys and Their Schooling Why Women Are Great Talkers Why Women Need to Talk The Hormonal Connection Women Love to Talk Men Talk Silently to Themselves The Downside of Silent Talk Women Think Aloud The Downside of Thinking Aloud Women Talk, Men Feel Nagged Why Couples Fail

How Men Talk Women Multi-Track What Brain Scans Show Strategies for Talking with Men Why Men Love Big Words Women Use Words for Reward Women Are Indirect Men Are Direct What to Do About It How to Motivate a Man to Action Women Talk Emotively, Men Are Literal How Women Listen Men Listen Like Statues How to Use the Grunt How to Get a Man to Listen The Schoolgirl Voice


5. Spatial Ability: Maps, Targets And Parallel Parking 118 How a Map Almost Led to Divorce Sexist Thinking The Lunch-Chaser in Action Why Men Know Where to Go Why Boys Hang Out in Video Arcades Boys' Brains Develop Differently Diana and her Furniture Testing Spatial Ability How Women Can Navigate What if You Can't Find North? The Flying Map The Upside-Down Map A Final Test How to Avoid an Argument How to Argue While Driving

How to Sell to a Woman The Pain of Reverse Parallel Parking Women Are Safer Drivers How Women Were

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