Gas- fuel hvof spray guns

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Product Data Sheet Diamond Jet® Gas-Fuel HVOF Spray Guns
The most popular family of gas-fueled HVOF spray guns worldwide, coatings applied using a Sulzer Metco Diamond Jet® spray gun are of very high quality and suitable for some of the toughest coating applications. Moreover, Diamond Jet® offers a lot of flexibility — customers can choose from a wide range of fuel gases, a choice of water or air cooled air caps and a choice of machine-mounted and hand-held gun versions. The Sulzer Metco Diamond Jet® family of spray guns for HVOF has been developed to produce high integrity coatings of metals, alloys, superalloys and carbides. Coatings sprayed with a Diamond Jet gun exhibit high density, low oxide content, superior
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2 High spray rate configuration 3 Hand-held CE-conformant guns require the purchase of a SH or SHA Safety Handle for Certificate of Incorporation.

Product Data Sheet • Diamond Jet® Guns


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Model No. 2600DJM 2700DJM 3600DJM 1 2600DJH 2600DJHE 2700DJH-NG 2700DJHE-NG

Fuel Gas Hydrogen Natural Gas, Ethylene, Propane, Propylene Hydrogen Hydrogen Hydrogen Natural Gas Natural Gas

CE Conformant Yes Yes Yes No Yes 3 No Yes 3


Sulzer Metco


Features and Benefits • Surfaces can be machined to high finishes and tight dimensional tolerances. • Rugged, reliable design eliminates backfire. • Easy to maintain with modular gun hardware that is simple to remove and replace without additional tools. • Simple powder feed start and stop on hand-held gun using built-in handle trigger. • Gun-mounted valve core actuator lever on hand-held models easily starts and stops the flow of

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