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Plan of essay.

First, I will introduce the problem, and will explain some aspects of it in different contexts.

Then, I will explain the results of this problem and which are the causes that create the regional disparities in the European Union.

Finally, I will explain the direct consequences of the regional disparities in the European Union.

The issue of regional disparities is a subject which is talked about in different spheres of the society and it is one of the most serious problems in the European context. This issue became an important problem in science and it was the scientific analyses of regional disparities that not only identified these disparities and their extent, but also
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For that reason, some increasing of differences among regions was inevitable not only from economic point of view, but it was also socially acceptable.

When Central European countries became a part of European Union, national issues of regional inequalities, regional disparities and their equalizing were connected to new phenomena. Moreover, the current trends in globalization brought with them the issue of regional disparities, diversities and their further development. Europe was becoming integrated and its regional issue thus attained a new territorial level and struggles with many new problems.

We have to pay attention at three main problems:

1. Measuring of inequalities: devices for measuring, criteria and methodological problems of regional disparities.

2. Regional inequalities from national point of view.

3. The issue of urban and rural areas that are undergoing a process of changes between differentiation and cohesion.

The issue of territorial inequalities is topical and important to be dealt with in European Union. This issue is influenced by the processes of transformation and mainly by globalization and its influence on current regional disparities and the ways to eliminate them.

Eliminating the regional disparities has to be considered as a long-lasting and difficult process. However, this process cannot be speeded up by application of

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