Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole

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- What happened to Adrian’s nose? 1. While Adrian was making a model airplane, he tried an experimental sniff of glue and his nose stuck to the plane.
- Why does everybody think that Adrian is addicted to glue? 2.Because Barry Kent's aunt works as a cleaner in the hospital and told Barry about the model airplane incident. Barry has been telling everybody.
- What difference is there between Adrian’s father’s reasons for marrying his mother an Adrian’s reason for loving Pandora?
3.Because she has good legs. Adrian loves Pandora because she is intelligent and compassionate.
- What two things did Adrian’s father say when Adrian complained about his toothache?
4.Adrian's father sais that it was Adrian's own fault, as he didn't go
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-Why do you think Mr Lambert stopped talking to the pupils to the café?
21.Because nearly everyone in the class made an appointment with him and it all became too much for Mr Lambert.
- How was Mrs Mole going to abandon Adrian? Do you think Adrian is worried about it?
22.Mrs Mole was going to abandon Adrian by leaving him at Social Security office, and Adrians isn't worried about it because he goes along with his mother.
- What made Adrian change his mind about taking part in the school play?
23.Because his voice started to break and he couldn't control it.
- What helpful thing did Adrian do at his sister’s birth?
24.Because she was in pain. He timed his mother's contractions and he made all pone calls after the birth.
- Why was Adrian a little upset the day his mother came home from the hospital?
25.Because his father brought his mother and the baby home and then went back to Grandma's. He was also upset because he was no longer and only child.
- In what way has Adrian taken on the role of a father to his baby sister?
26.Because he sits beside her at night, checking her breathing. He also helps to choose a name for the baby, he goes with his mother to register the birth and celebrates with her by going to a café for meal.
- Why did Adrian spend a lot of time reading in his room?
27.Because his mother hadn't been paying any attention to him since Rosie’s birth and he felt emotionally deprived.
- Why is Adrian worried about what will happen

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