Guía de examen de desarrollo sustentable

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Yamil Guerra
GEOG 202
Essay 1: Globalization

Will its benefits ever outweigh its deficiencies?

While a topic by no means strange, globalization is defined and conceptualized in very different manners by individuals disproportionately affected by it. Is globalization an attempt to unify international economies for the benefit of the greater masses? Is it a way to exploit underdeveloped nations for the benefit of the few? Or is it, like many human activities, a force whose side effects bring about the destruction of our natural environments? Whether globalization brings about positive, negative or neutral economic changes in nations and individual societies will be the purpose of this essay. Concisely, globalization is
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While globalization is much talked about, there has not been established, yet, a commission that successfully tackles the topic with a problem-solving, what-is-better-for-all mentality; much of the talk between stakeholders, investors and governments has been fragmented and confrontational. It has to be recognized that globalization and international trade will not stop. It has been a characteristic of prosperous economies and powerful governments for its force to diminish under current world affairs. Its harmful aspects, however, must be disentangled for its healthy effects to outweigh its infecting negative ones. Only then will we stop talking about what is better for underdeveloped nations and actually see positive changes in the lives of their citizens.


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