Guion De Mamma Mia En Ingles

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Scene 2 Sophie: Auntie Rosie! Rosie: Hey, Hey! Look At Sophie. Tanya: She's Gotten So Beautiful! Donna: I Know. Rosie: Come Here To Me. (They Hug Each Other). Sophie Sheridan, You Get More Gorgeous Every Time I See You. You Do. Tanya: I Bet You Don't Remember Me. Rosie: Not With All That Plastic Surgery. Sophie: Of Course I Do, Auntie Tanya. You Haven't Changed At All. Tanya: I'm So Happy For You. …ver más…

TANYA: She's gotten so beautiful! DONNA: I know. ROSIE: Come here to me. (they hug each other). Sophie Sheridan, you get more gorgeous every time I see you. You do. TANYA: I bet you don't remember me. ROSIE: Not with all that plastic surgery. SOPHIE: Of course I do, Auntie Tanya. You haven't changed at all. TANYA: I'm so happy for you. DONNA: Look at my baby, her whole life ahead of her.

SCENE 5 DONNA: It's her dad. TANYA: Whose dad? DONNA: Sophie's dad. Remember how I said it was Sam? Sam the architect, who had to go home to get married? I'm not sure that it was him, because there were two other guys around the same time. ROSIE: Why didn't you tell us? DONNA: Well, I never knew that I would ever, ever have to. I never imagined I'd see all three of them in my old goat-house the day before my daughter's wedding! TANYA: Do they know about Sophie? DONNA: No! I've never told a soul. The only thing that matters is that Sophie never finds out. TANYA: Well, maybe she would be cool with it. DONNA: 'Cool with it'? (Chuckles) You don't know my daughter. This would be like a bombshell. ROSIE: Donna, they've

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