He Knows Too Much

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Level 6

Cambridge English Readers

Series editor: Philip Prowse

He Knows Too Much
Alan Maley

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On his way out he passed Vish in the corridor. Vish was a small, fat man who waddled slightly when he walked. His ugly smile revealed two large teeth and his small eyes reminded Dick of a snake. Was it his imagination, or was the man smiling to himself? His snake eyes glinted with self satisfaction, almost as if he knew he was safe, protected. Dick's car left the Trakton of®ce and made its way slowly along the dusty, bumpy road leading south into the centre of Madras, towards his home. Even though Dick passed these buildings every day, they never lost their fascination for him. No one style dominated this city of contrasts where majestic but neglected colonial buildings stood next to modern glass and concrete banks, slum huts built from mud and roofed with coconut palms, ramshackle groups of shops selling everything from used car tyres to Indian-made foreign liquor1 . . . And where the traf®c was a chaos of vehicles competing anarchically for the few overcrowded spaces on the roads. The journey home would take a long time. Dick sat gloomily in the back of the car, going over in his mind the events which had led up to the present crisis.

How had he got himself into this impossible situation? It should never have happened, yet somehow, looking back, it seemed inevitable. Perhaps he was beginning to believe in fate? He had arrived three years earlier to take over as general manager of Trakton's factory in Madras. Trakton had been in India

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