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TELEFÓNICA | Alan ServiánCorporate StrategyPhd, Luis Vives de PradaLic&MDE IV | 21/11/2008 |

Analysis of Telefonica’s corporate strategy. Its geographical diversification and its business diversification strategy. A brief overview of the company is also given. | |

Analysis of the company’s corporate strategy and its diversification
I have chosen Telefónica to write this chapter on its corporate strategy because from my point of view, Telefónica is an incredible company, one of the most important companies in the world, and, generally, common people and everybody does not know how big and important is this company until they investigate it.
That happened to me, I knew that Telefónica was one
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The information Society: Emerging technologies are playing a vital role in society’s development and are proving key growth driver across all productive sectors, which is in turn making their development a priority in national political agendas.
Telefónica has supported the information society from the outset through multiple development and promotional initiatives, leading to over 200 new products and services in existence today designed to satisfy demands related to the internet, Broadband, voice and wireless services. In addition, Telefónica collaborates actively with organisms that promote the development of the information society through the publication of studies and analysis and by encouraging debate on the status of emerging technologies.
Conclusions regarding the information society in Spain in 2007: * The number of internet uses is growing as is service usage * Broadband is gradually improving and reaching rural areas * There is a wave of M&A activity underway among large media and internet companies * Manufacturers are concentrated on the search for new handset categories * The TV revolution is ongoing and the music sector is undergoing transformation.
Challenges facing the information society in Latin

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