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The Third National Juvenile Online Victimization Study (N-JOV3)
Summary. This study is designed to help law enforcement combat technology-facilitated child exploitation crimes. It will gather detailed national data on a number of policy and practice relevant topics including: 1) new developments and numerical trends in cases coming to law enforcement attention; 2) what investigative strategies are associated with more favorable outcomes; 3) what challenges and dilemmas confront prosecutors; 4) what indicators and investigative procedures are more likely to identify child pornography offenders who have also committed crimes against or endangered children in their environments; and 5) how investigators are managing and responding to cases
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Researchers will send mail surveys to the same national sample of law enforcement agencies that participated in N-JOV1 and N-JOV2. The sample includes all of the ICAC Task Forces, units of federal agencies created to deal with Internet crimes, a random sample of police agencies that have sent staff to trainings in Internet crimes, and a random sample of other agencies. All agencies were recruited during N-JOV1. The mail survey will ask for information about arrests in Internet cases in 2009. Telephone interviewers will follow-up on a sample of reported cases, speaking with investigators and prosecutors and gathering detailed information about the characteristics of cases and the circumstances surrounding them. A similar interview used in N-JOV1 and NJOV2 will be used in N-JOV3, with changes reflecting technological advances and new venues for such online crimes (e.g., text messaging, social networking sites).

What’s New in N-JOV3?
Prosecution of technology-based CSE crimes In N-JOV3 we will gather information from prosecutors who handled technology-facilitated CSE crimes ending in arrest in 2009 (e.g., online predation, CP possession, solicitations to undercover investigators posing online as minors). The cases and prosecutors who handled them will be identified in the law enforcement cases from the telephone interviews. Data from prosecutors will include information that

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