Historia Del Tenis (Inglés)

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How did it all start?

Some historians date tennis as far back as Egyptian times. Tennis was first played in France about 900 years ago, with people using the palms of their hands. They say the Arabic word for the palm of the hand, rahat, is the origin of the word racket. But the most common view is that it was a crude courtyard ball game invented by 11th or 12th century French monks.
The name tennis is said to come from the French word 'Tenez!' (from the verb tenir meaning 'to take'). It means 'take this', which the monks would yell as they served the ball with their hand. No one really knows how the scoring started, but "deuce" is based on the French word "deux", meaning two, when two people are on the same point.
The unusual
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There are no standard tops for females. They come in short sleeves and no sleeves. They may or may not be racer-back. Sometimes shirts are collared. Tops are often made out of the same material as the bottom to keep players dry.
Men’s clothing
Male tennis plays wear shorts with pockets to keep their tennis balls in. Their shirts may also be short sleeved or sleeveless. They will also often be made out of an absorbent material.
Women´s and men’s clothing The Most Important is Have a Tennis Racket, Tennis Shoes and Tennis Balls to Play. If you are not a professional tennis player, though, you can really go out to the courts in your old workout clothes. As an add-on, separate spandex (biker) shorts are extremely helpful for girls who do not often have pockets built into their shorts.
They usually like to wear visors or baseball hats to keep the sun out of their eyes when they serve (or can wear sunglasses for that matter) and so they are less likely to get sunburned. Sweatbands on the wrist or forehead can be helpful. The wristbands help to wipe away perspiration from the eyes when serving or preparing to receive serve. Some players wear hats or caps, although these should be restricted to players with longer hair to reduce the chances of it impeding their vision. Caps or visors are primarily worn when the sun is low.

What kinds of courts are used?

Some of the most common types include grass, clay, hard, and carpet.

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