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Philosophy= is the study of knowledge’s explaining the causes of things. * Philosophy begins with the recognition, that we humans respond emotionally, to our existence. We are certainly puzzled by it all. As with all living things, we act to meet, our needs. One of our actions is to solve, this puzzle of our existence, We haven’t be able to do it definitively, for all time, but only partially in ways that ease the mental confusions of a particular period, in our history, for that reason, Philosophy has a history, one of evolving with, human knowledge and experience.

Philosophy almost all the time, is based in emotions, that we humans make by our existence. Is like analyze really the sense of life. Basing on our emotions,
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You have an extremely limited language to work with. Try to state, as such a person would, some of the problems and questions you face, and some of your conclusions. Also state some of your observations about your world. Your Name is Rogag.

Horses are the Jockeys life. She or he (they are many women jockeys today) wakes at 4:30 am and enters the stable before five o’clock to do a quick stall clean up, with one stable hands. Next comes the feeding of concentrate and a water of hay, alfalfa usually. Morning exercises jockey with the work shared between jockey and exercise hands. A continual movements of jockeys and horse continues until 11:30 a:m.

Rogags World
Well in the place where I was born, is a place in a with no love or Affection, is a World full by the 80% of affliction and indifference. This World is made by me and my name is Rogag, im 16 years old and welcome to my world. In my world there are 6 cities, one is named Goals. That is a city based of what do you want to do with your life and what do you think about your life. And how it will gonna be. The other one is made of Affliction and there will not be any Life Concern in that place. And Indifference is the main capital of my world. Is the main city caused by the affliction and Goals. What does that mean? It means that almost every single time you want to make a change, a movement or something. In your life, but in the positive way , you screw it up and make a lot of mistakes. The

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